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It is quite evident that online education is gaining popularity in India. Students are finding it easy and essential to acquire knowledge and skills conveniently at their fingertips. Various top Universities are providing online platforms where students can choose their desired courses in the field of management, IT, humanities etc. and gain skills and knowledge that open up doors for new opportunities. These online courses are very convenient for those students who are living in remote areas or far away in another city from the university. The benefits of online education are that students from other countries (international) can also attend live classes and achieve their desired degree. This blog will guide you about the top UGC DEB-approved online universities in India, such as the courses they provide and their facilities.

Amity Univеrsity

This private university was established back in 2005, and it is known to be one of the best online universities available in India, where students can take admission to their desired degree and have access to the best education and skills. The only courses provided by this university for the undergraduate program are BBA, B.COM, B.A., and BCA, while the postgraduate program comes with MBA, M.COM, M.A., and MCA.

Advantages of Onlinе Coursеs from Amity

  • The first part of admitting yourself to this university’s only course is that you get access to both flexibility and comfort. Students can attend their live classes conveniently.
  • Students can have hand-to-hand interactive learning and interaction with the top faculty through a world-class LMS.
  • Top graduates and scholars guide students in a personalized manner, which helps students know their strengths and weaknesses equally.
  • Students can build their portfolio during online courses which will help them to approach industries and business companies for better job opportunities.
  • Students have immediate access to the best recruiters at Amity University after their online degree through their courses, such as Cognizant, Accenture, HCL, Philips, and others.
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Manipal University

Manipal University is a private university that provides online education for students who cannot afford to make it to the college physically. They have achieved the approval of Indian associations such as UGC, NAAC, AICTE, and a few others. Currently, they tend to provide undergraduate courses such as BBA, B.COM, and BCA, while their post graduation courses include MBA, MCA, M.COM, and MAJMC.

Reasons to Choose Manipal University

  • Students get the flexibility to continue their program from anywhere, anytime, according to their schedule and plan.
  • Online education from Manipal University is a more cost-effective program than other traditional classroom programs.
  • The online education system of Manipal Online attracts students due to its flexibility and easy accessibility to the programs.
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Chandigarh Univеrsity

This university was established back in 2012, and since then, it has been known to be one of the best universities in Punjab. They were approved by UGC; they have also been awarded as Asia's fastest-growing university and are recorded in the Limca Book for inviting most of their companies for placement of students in a single year.

Coursеs and CU-Onlinе Advantagеs

  • The world is moving towards digitalization and industrialization, but what plays a vital role in daily human lives is entertainment and journalism. They are providing BAJM and MAJM online courses for students interested in the fields of journalism and mass communication; this course is not easily available in the online programs.
  • Other undergraduate and postgraduate courses involve online BBA, online BCA, online M.COM, online MSC-DS, and online MBA for students interested in computer applications and the world of business and entrepreneurship.
  • The students from any backgrounds can enroll into these online programmes, which offer the best learning possibilities and great career options in their specialized fields.
  • As every online course provides, they are also available to students at their conferences, with live interaction, mentorship, pre-recorded lectures, and other facilities included.
  • The university provides students with career support programs that help them build their resumes, prepare them for interviews, and develop their personalities & communication skills.
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Jain Univеrsity

This university was established in 1990 and is a UGC DEB approved university, considered among the best universities to provide online programs in India. Undergraduate programs provided by the university are online BBA and B.Com, whereas postgraduate programs offered by the university are online MBA, MCA, M.Com, and MA.

Why choose Jain University for online programs?

  • Courses are known to be designated by curriculum experts all over the world in order to provide the best education to their students.
  • They've earned a reputation for working together with international professional associations to integrate curriculum.
  • These courses have accreditation and recognition from NAAC, UGC-DEB, AICTE, and CIM. Nowadays, Jain university is known to provide the best online education, with additional skills involved.
  • To give their learners an opportunity to learn about their job options, and prepare them for top recruiting firms.
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Sikkim Manipal University

This university is a collaboration between the Sikkim government and Manipal University, established in 2005.It has won many awards for offering the greatest distance education to students who want it. The UGC, NAAC, AICTE, and DEB are just a few of the Indian authorities that have given their permission to the university. They offer several bachelors degree programs for distance education, including BBA and BCA, whereas MBA and MCA are their post graduation programs.

Key Features of Sikkim Manipal University Online Program

  • The reason to choose SMU for your higher studies is that they provide online content to their students with free access at their convenience.
  • Students get 24/7 support from the school staff for their queries and confusions.
  • They get live interaction classes with highly qualified professors and scholars.
  • By providing recorded lectures of live sessions , they make it simple for students to study online anytime and anywhere.
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KL University

Koneru Lakshmaiah University is considered one of the best universities to provide online education. It is a UGC DEB approved university that conducts an online learning program for students who cannot appear in the physical classes but want to pursue their further studies through any source. They want to give their learners an up to date comprehensive education so that they will have great employment prospects with top recruiting firms. Currently, the online undergraduate programs offered by the university are BBA and BCA, whereas the post graduation courses include MBA in HR, Finance, Marketing, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Entrepreneurship specializations.

Key Features of KL University Online Program

  • The BBA online program is offered with specializations like finance, marketing, and HR.
  • The duration of these courses is three years for each specialization.
  • They have innovative technologies to guide the students through the live classes and they have updated the curriculum according to the syllabus.
  • The online BCA program is taught with cloud technology, information security, artificial intelligence, and process automation.
  • All the online MBA programs are designed to boost the theoretical and practical knowledge of the aspirants and guide them.
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GLA University

This university was established in 1991, and after a while, they have received approval from all the associations, such as UGC, AICTE, BCI, etc. to give students with a superior education and guide their careers in the appropriate path. In today's world, it is considered as one of the most renowned institutes in North India. Currently, the online undergraduate programs offered by the university are BBA and, whereas the postgraduate courses include MBA courses.

Key Features of GLA University Online Program

  • One of the reasons students should consider this university to pursue the online program is that they have placement assistance from companies like Amazon, Honda, Jindal, Accenture, and few others that help students get better job opportunities after completing their courses.
  • Students get good exposure and better job opportunities once they are done with these online courses.
  • Professionals and scholars guide students through the live classes during the online program.
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Integral University

Integral University is located in Lucknow City and is known for its unique culture of guiding students. They were established in 2004, and in recent years they have achieved all the approval from Indian associations such as UGC DEB, NAAC, AIU, and a few others. The undergraduate courses they offer in their online learning mode are BBA, BCA, B.COM, and BSC-CS, whereas post graduation courses include MBA, MCA, M.COM, M.SC in math, M.SC in social work, and MSC-CS.

Key Features of Integral University Online Program

  • The most important reason students should consider this university for an online program is that they have a wide range of courses available at their convenience.
  • They provide quality education to the students and they have linked with verified recruiters.
  • With their supervision and support, students will subsequently be given a fantastic opportunity thanks to their exposure to clever, creative education.
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LPU University

Lovely Professional University (LPU) is one of the most famous UGC DEB approved universities located in the center of Jalandhar, Punjab. This university was ranked 23rd on the NIRF list of the top universities in India. For Students looking for graduation and post-graduation in management, IT and other relevant fields, they provide online courses. Currently, the online undergraduate programs offered by the university are BA,, and BCA, whereas the postgraduate programs offered by the university are, MCA, MBA, MA, and MSC-Mathematics.

Considerable Features of LPU For Online Programs

  • Their classes are accessible through the user-friendly apps that are easy to use and manage anywhere and anytime.
  • To keep students motivated, they offer engaging live classes that are interactive.
  • You get the flexibility to read and learn your program anywhere, anytime, as they provide all the study material at the beginning of the session.
  • You get the flexibility to revise your content according to your needs, as the university provides pre-recorded lectures to the students.
  • Students can clear their doubts through online chat and other available features that are provided in the online programs in order to make it convenient and easily accessible for students.
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Aligarh Muslim University

This central university is located in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Since 1875, they have been known to provide the best education to students with their dedicated teachers and faculty members. AMU is a UGC-approved university; currently, they are providing B.A./B.Com. and M.A./M.Com. only. Let’s have a look at why students should choose this university for their own education and what facilities the university provides to students.

Kеy Features of Onlinе Coursеs

  • The online courses provided by AMU are known to be cost-effective and convenient for students with any background.
  • The courses are designed in such a way that every student can learn materials in the same way as the subject demands.
  • Online learning comes with the guidance of the best professors. The staff of this university is known for their strong expertise in the subject.
  • Students can have access to live interaction with the faculty and top professors to clear their doubts.
  • Online course duration for the B.A. and B.Com. programs are a minimum of 3 years, that is, 6 semesters, and a maximum of 6 years, whereas the minimum is 2 years and the maximum is 4 years for M.A. and M.Com. aspirants.
  • Students will open the door to new opportunities once they get their desired degree through online courses according to their chosen program. B.A. graduates can approach content writers, journalists, and other jobs that are highly in demand.
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Nowadays Online courses are in high demand among graduates and career aspirants as they are easy to access and learn skills at a pocket friendly cost. Online courses come with a lot of perks, and who will not want to do them when they are available at the best universities? The above-mentioned universities are known to provide the best study materials and facilities to their students during their online programs. If you are looking for convenient study where you can have easy access to the classes by working part-time, these are the best opportunities for you. Become an aspirant, select your preferred program, enroll in one of these online courses, and start your career to unlock amazing prospects. Visit the NEEV website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, an online degree is as valuable as a regular degree. Pursuing courses from UGC DEB approved universities is valued in the national and international market.

Yes, online university courses are affordable and have the best ranking in the world. Online courses come with affordability, as students don’t need to spend any extra money.

To get enrolled in the online learning courses, you need to search for the UGC DEB and other association approved universities, as they have recognizable degrees and more specialized courses.

Universities like Sikkim Manipal University, Manipal University, Integral University, and a few others have the best MBA distance courses available with a wide range of specializations or you can connect with the NEEV counselor for assistance.