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SMU Online BBA Program

SMU B.A. Online Course: An overview

SMU online BA program refers to an online Bachelor of Arts degree program is a 3 year under-graduate degree program that consists of various disciplines of English literature, Political Science & Sociology. BA online course of SMU is recognized by the UGC. After completing Online BA program student can explore the job opportunities that are aligned with their interests & fields of study.

Features of Online B.A. Program

Some common features of online BA programs include:

Flexibility: The first and foremost feature of Online BA programs of SMU is its flexibility. Students can access course materials and lectures online anytime, and can complete assignments and coursework at their own pace within specified deadlines.

Accreditation: The online BA program of SMU is accredited by recognized bodies such as UGC and NAAC. Accreditation ensures educational standards of the online programs in India.

Remote Learning: Online BA course allow students to pursue their degree remotely, it means they can take live classes from anywhere in the world with the help of a broadband and a laptop.

Diverse specialization: BA online course offers a wide range of courses in various disciplines such as English literature, Political Science & Sociology. Students can select their courses as per their interests and career goals.

Communication and Collaboration Tools: Students have opportunities in online BA program to connect & communicate with the faculties and classmates through virtual classrooms, discussion forums, and other online platform.

Support Services: Online BA programs of SMU offer support services 24*7 to their students in terms of academic advising, technical queries etc. to ensure an effortless and great learning experience.

Eligibility of Online BA Course: Candidates must have completed 10+2 from a recognized national or state board institution or 10+3 diploma from a recognized national or state institute.

Fee Structure of Online BA Course

Semester fee: 12,500

Total: 75,000/- (Inclusive of all taxes)

Program Curriculum

Combinations available in BA Online program of SMU:


BA Online program of SMU in English - 1 BA Online program of SMU in English - 2


BA Online program of SMU in Sociology - 1 BA Online program of SMU in Sociology - 2

Political Science

BA Online program of SMU in Political Science - 1 BA Online program of SMU in Political Science - 2 BA Online program of SMU in Political Science - Admission Process

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What Our Students Say!


An online BA program is a 3-year Bachelor degree program that can be completed through online learning platforms without attending physical classes on campus. These online programs are recognized by accredited bodies just like traditional on campus programs.

The online BA from Sikkim Manipal University is a three-year degree program having six semesters. However, students can complete the degree in a maximum of six years.

The benefits of SMU BA online course includes flexibility in scheduling, the ability to study remotely, a wide range of specializations offering, student support services, and the opportunity to earn a recognized degree without being physically present on campus.

It is not compulsory to join the live lectures in Online BA program of SMU as student gets the access of recorded sessions in their LMS (Learning management system). It is advisable to join the live classes as it gives an opportunity to communicate with the professors & peers.

The job roles offered to BA graduates either it is done online or offline are:

  • Educator
  • Content writer
  • Politician
  • Public Relations Specialist 
  • Research Assistant 
  • Urban Planner