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    Overview of Online BBA Course

      Online BBA courses refer to getting a BBA degree through an online medium in which an educational institution with digital learning approaches offers the candidate. While pursuing online BBA courses, candidates will be introduced to a wide range of skills and topics within the 3-year program. Online BBA courses should be pursued by candidates from a well-accredited and UGC-certified distance education provider or institute. Opting for online BBA courses is convenient for candidates because it offers online classes and lectures, an online library, and digital blackboards, along with completely digitalized assessments and results.

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    Top Online BBA Colleges

    Manipal University

    Fees: INR 1,35,000/-

    Duration: 3 years

    Amity University

    Fees: INR 1,65,000/-

    Duration: 3 years

    DY Patil University

    Fees: INR 1,20,200/-

    Duration: 3 years

    Jamia Hamdard

    Fees: INR 84,500/-

    Duration: 3 years

    Uttranchal university

    Fees: INR 87,000/-

    Duration: 3 years


    Fees: INR 91,000/-

    Duration: 3 years

    Chandigarh University

    Fees: INR 1,56,000/-

    Duration: 3 years

    Manav Rachna University

    Fees: INR 1,62,000/-

    Duration: 3 years


    Fees: INR 27,000 to 60,000/-

    Duration: 3 years

    Highlights of Online BBA

    The online degree of BBA courses is equally valid and acceptable among top companies and recruiters for employment. Online BBA course for health students to learn managerial skills, practice decision-making processes, and individual basics of management. The online BBA course also offers significant skill development among candidates to deliver strategic management, strategic planning, and competitive analysis responsibilities.

    Course Full Name Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
    Course Duration 3 Years
    Course Level 10+2 in any discipline
    Average Fees ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 1,65,000/-
    Top Colleges
  • Amity University
  • Manipal University
  • IGNOU, Delhi
  • DY Patil University
  • Chandigarh University
  • Manav Rachna University
  • Uttaranchal University
  • Jamia Hamdard
  • Mizoram University
  • GLA University
  • Job Roles Marketing, Executive, Sales Executive, Advertising Executive, Market Research Analyst etc.
    Average Salary ₹ 4.75 LPA

    Why Study Online BBA?

    One of the major reasons for studying online BBA is career advancement because it is a professional degree which supports candidates to achieve better career opportunities with remote learning features. The candidates also get the opportunity of developing early management skills with online BBA which makes their Academy and professional journey more secure and effective. Online BBA also supports learning different specialisations in the administration field without prioritizing a master’s degree. By studying online BBA, the students also have greater exposure to the Global Business Network and it also supports personal achievements.

    Who Should Study Online BBA?

    An individual looking for appropriate graduation courses in the commerce field should choose an online BBA. Online BBA helps students develop professional careers and it also signifies the role of getting higher education at their convenience. An individual who wants to become an expert in the management field or a manager in a large company can also opt for an online BBA course. Online BBA is a great option for working professionals to develop time management and professional skills in the management field to grow their careers effectively.

    Eligibility Criteria of Online BBA

      Online BBA is an undergraduate degree program lasting three years, and it is designed to provide efficient knowledge and develop business management skills within the administration field. It is a professional degree offered by several prestigious and top colleges in India in an online format supported by flexibility, placement opportunities, growth and an easy mode of study. Following are the eligibility criteria (which can be different from institute from institute to institute) the for the online BBA course:

    • The candidate must have completed 10+2 education.
    • The candidate must have scored a minimum of 50% marks in inter-exams.

    List of Entrance Exams Details for Online BBA in 2024

    Note: In Online BBA most of the University does not Require Entrance Exam, but in Regular BBA Programme Entrance Exams are Required. Below are the details of Different Entrance Exams required from Different Institutions.

      How to Prepare for Entrance Exams of Online BBA

    • Understand the exam pattern.
    • Create a timetable or make a study plan.
    • Take practice tests or mock tests regularly.
    • Revise, Revise, and Revise
    • Learn and apply time management hacks.
    • Identify your weaknesses and improve.
    • Practice basic business and aptitude questions.
    • Stay updated with current affairs.
    • Take online practice tests

      Neev Suggested Recommended Books for Crack Entrance Exam for Online BBA

      Neev suggest some of the most relevant and knowledgeable books to crack the entrance exam for online BBA successfully-

    • "Pearson Guide to IIM Indore-IPM Entrance Examination" by Pearson
    • "Thirty Days to Better English" by Norman Lewis
    • "Objective General English" by SP Bakshi
    • "How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT" by Arun Sharma
    • "NCERT Mathematics Book for 9th and 12th class" by NCERT
    • "Complete Manual for IIM Indore (IPM) Pearson Publications"

      Tips and Tricks to Crack Online BBA Entrance Exams

      Commence from the basics (Focus on Basic business and aptitude questions)

    • Practice Regularly
    • Learn and use time-management hacks
    • Practice mock tests
    • Focus on the accuracy of answers
    • Work on English proficiency
    • Practice logical reasoning
    • Develop Quantitative Ability
    • Create and stick to the study plan
    • Regularly follow up and track progress

    Types of Online BBA Programme with Course Duration

    Types of Online BBA Duration Details Is Valid for Higher Education? Market Accessibility
    Online BBA 3 years Fully online with virtual classes, flexible schedule, and access to digital resources. Often includes live and recorded lectures Yes, valid for higher education like an MBA or other postgraduate programs. High, especially for tech-savvy markets and remote job opportunities.
    Distance BBA 3 years Learning materials and assignments are sent by post or online. Limited interaction with faculty and peers. Ideal for those who need flexibility. Yes, but may require additional entrance exams for higher studies. Moderate, good for those looking to balance work and study but less interactive.
    Regular BBA 3 years Traditional full-time program with on-campus classes. Structured schedule with direct faculty interaction and campus facilities. Yes, widely accepted for higher education globally. Very high, due to campus networking and direct placement opportunities. jobs.
    Part Time BBA 3-5 years Designed for working professionals with classes in the evenings or weekends. Balances work and study. Yes, but may be less competitive than full-time programs. High, suitable for professionals looking to advance their careers without leaving their jobs.

    Pros and Cons of Online BBA

    • Flexible Schedule
    • Accessibility from Anywhere
    • Lower Cost compared to on-campus programs
    • Self-paced learning options
    • Ability to continue working
    • Limited face-to-face interaction
    • Potential for distractions
    • Limited networking opportunities
    • Dependence on technology
    • Perceived credibility in the job market

    Online BBA Careers of Scope

      Online BBA course offers a broad prospect of career opportunities for degree holders. The online BBA degree holder can opt for job roles like digital marketer, product manager, business administrator, process analyst, marketing manager, etc. Based on the specialisation, performance and career preferences of individuals.

    Job Profiles Responsibilities Salary range (Subjected to experience and industry)
    Software Developer Designing, coding, testing, and deploying software applications; collaborating with cross-functional teams; maintaining and improving existing software systems. INR 9 - 11 Lakh
    Web Developer Creating and maintaining websites; ensuring site functionality and performance; working with web designers to integrate design elements; troubleshooting web issues. INR 2.5 - 10 Lakh
    System Analyst Analyzing and designing IT solutions; understanding business requirements; recommending technology solutions to improve business efficiency; ensuring system integration. INR 8 - 10 Lakh
    Database Administrator Installing, configuring, and maintaining database systems; ensuring data security and integrity; performing backups and recovery; optimizing database performance. INR 7- 8 Lakh
    Network Administrator Managing and maintaining computer networks; troubleshooting network issues; ensuring network security; performing regular network performance checks and updates. INR 7- 9 Lakh
    Technical Support Specialist Providing technical support to end-users; troubleshooting hardware and software issues; maintaining IT documentation; assisting with IT infrastructure projects. INR 9 - 12 Lakh
    Mobile App Developer Developing and maintaining mobile applications for Android/iOS platforms; testing and debugging apps; collaborating with designers and other developers. INR 3 -16 Lakh
    Data Scientist Analyzing large sets of data to derive insights; building predictive models; working with machine learning algorithms; presenting findings to stakeholders. INR 3.5 - 8 Lakh

      Area of Employment for Online BBA with Top Recruiters and Average Salary

      Online BBA courses help students develop professional skills in the business administration field, which attracts top recruiters with decent salary packages based on the potential and performance of individuals. Some of the common areas of employment for online BBA degree holders are business analysts and financial analysts. HR managers, operations managers, etc., and their top recruiters, companies, and average salaries are detailed below.

    Online BBA Job Profiles Top Recruiters
    Software Developer TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Accenture
    Web Developer Google, IBM, Oracle, Cognizant
    Mobile App Developer Samsung, Google, Apple
    Data Analyst Mu Sigma, Fractal Analytics, Accenture
    Software Tester TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, Accenture

    Preparing Students for a Wide Range of Job Profiles with Comprehensive Courses and Deep Industry Insights.


    Job Profiles

    Students Placed

    Company Average Placement Salary in INR
    TCS INR 3,50,000 - 6,00,000
    Google INR 3,00,000 - 5,50,000
    Samsung INR 4,00,000 - 8,00,000
    Wipro INR 4,00,000 - 7,00,000
    Cognizant INR 3,00,000 - 5,00,000

    Admission Process of Online BBA by Neev

    Fee Structure of Online BBA Programme

    Online BBA course costs range from Rs 25000 to Rs 120000 in India. However, the fee structure of the online BBA program is highly dependent on the educational policies of the institution providing the course. The universities and colleges offer online BBA programs at a decent fee structure according to their services and value in the education field.

    Availability of Scholarship

    Name of College Scholarship
    Manipal University, Jaipur Yes
    Dy Patil, Pune Yes
    Chandigarh University, Chandigarh Yes
    Amity University, Noida Yes
    Jamia Hamdard, Delhi Yes
    Manav Rachna University, Faridabad Yes

    Online BBA Vs Distance BBA Vs Regular BBA


    What our Students Saying!

    Being a working woman it was difficult for me to join a Regular College, so I decided to go for a Distance MBA for a flexible way to study. NEEV counselor helped me to find the best university for a Distance MBA according to my requirements. So. If you are planning to pursue any distance learning course then I highly recommend Neev Education.

    Sakshi Bakshi

    Sakshi Bakshi

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    I am searching for an online MBA course then I got introduced to Neev Education. They are career counseling experts and their counselor helped me in choosing the right University for the online MBA program. They assist me in every manner. So, if you are already equipped with your job and don’t have time for a regular college then I suggests you visit Neev Education for online programs and find the best University on their website.

    Manpreet Singh

    Manpreet Singh

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    I'm really thankful to Neev Education for suggesting Manipal University for an Online MBA program that holds the same value as traditional programs with additional flexibility and convenience. If you are planning to join an online course & you want some good guidance then you can contact Neev Education.

    Nimit Kumar

    Nimit Kumar

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    I was very unsure about which university to take for Distance BCA. NEEV counselor helped me select the Distance BCA course from Jamia Hamdard University that aligned with my pocket, interests, and career goals. I highly recommend their services to everyone looking for online/distance course guidance from reputed Universities.

    Megha Dahiya

    Megha Dahiya

    Jamia Hamdard

    Mayank SIngh

    I'm really thankful to NEEV for suggesting me best university for Online BCA that offers the same curriculum as traditional programs with the added flexibility and convenience of online learning.

    Mayank SIngh

    Mayank SIngh

    Manipal Online

    FAQ’s of Online BBA Course

    • Yes. An online BBA degree is equally valid and widely acceptable for employment purposes. However, candidates need to choose a recognized educational institution, college, or university to get an online BBA degree because the acceptance of the degree is based on the accreditation and quality of education provided by the institution.

    • Yes. An online BBA degree holder can get a job in their respective field based on their academic performance and professional potential. Organizations like HDFC, TCS, EY, and Accenture offer several job opportunities for online BBA graduates in departments like supply chain management, sales, marketing, operations, finance, HR, etc.

    • Yes. Specializations are available for candidates in online BBA courses, like MBA courses. Specializations like human resource management, finance management, marketing, and sales are available in the online BBA course as tailor-made education programs for students to support their career aspirations. Taking a specialization in an online BBA course helps students develop a deeper understanding of a specific area of business administration.

    • Yes. Several well-accredited universities and colleges offer campus placement opportunities for online BBA graduates. The colleges offer training and counselling services to online BBA graduates to crack placements successfully.

    • The best BBA course is based on the needs and career aspirations of the candidates. The quality of the online BBA offered by colleges is responsible for determining the value of an online degree and its benefits for students. Colleges like Amity Online University, Manipal University, UPES Online, Jaipur National University, etc. offer the best kinds of online BBA courses in India.

    • One should opt for an online BBA degree if he or she wants to develop professional knowledge in the administration and marketing fields. Online BBA is the perfect program for individuals willing to get a high-quality education and a valid degree to enjoy plenty of career opportunities. Online BBA should be done by candidates who are willing to get a higher education with flexibility and digital support.

    • Yes. The online degrees from recognized colleges are validated by the Indian government. However, students need to ensure the colleges offering online degrees are UGC and DEB-approved for their validity and quality assurance.