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Bachelor of Arts (Online B.A)

Online BA course of Amity University is a 3 year (6 semesters) program that will equip learner with skills and knowledge required in an evolving job market. Amity online BA program is best suited to students who can’t join the regular classroom program.

Features of Amity Online B.A. Program

Some common features of Amity online BA programs include:

Flexibility: The main feature of Amity Online BA programs is its flexibility. Students can access the course 100% online at their own pace within specified deadlines.

Remote Learning: Amity Online BA course allow students to pursue their degree remotely in a way that they can pursue the course irrespective of their demographic location.

Diverse specialization: Amity Online offers a vast range of disciplines in online BA programs such as English, Economics, Political Science, sociology. Students have the choice to select their specialization as per their interests and career goals.

Support Services: Amity Online offer student support services 24*7 to their learners in terms of academic advising, career counselling, and technical support.

Amity University is among the top Universities in India that offers a variety of online courses to the aspirants at a very reasonable cost and that is globally recognized. So, do not wait and join the Online BA course from Amity University today.

Eligibility for B.A. online course

Fees of B.A. online course

Specialization offered

Accreditations & Recognitions of AMITY ONLINE

Accreditations and Recognitions of AMITY ONLINE

Course Structure of Amity Online B.A. Course

Semester 1

Micro Economics I
Fundamentals of Macro Economics I
Economic History of India (1857 to 1947)
Business Communication

History of English Literature
Drama from Elizabethan to Restoration Age
English Poetry from Chaucer to Blake
Business Communication

Political Science
Nationalism in India
Introduction to Politics I
Political Science I (Political Theory)
Indian Political Thought I
Business Communication

Indian Social structure and Process
Business Communication
Sociology of Deviance
Social Institutions
Introduction to Sociology

Semester 2


Environmental Studies

Statistical Methods in Economics I

Micro Economics II

Fundamentals of Macro Economics II


English Poetry from Wordsworth to Tennyson

20th Century Indian English Poetry

20th Century Indian English Novel

Environmental Studies

Political Science

Indian Political Thought II

Political Science II

Constitutional History of India

Introduction to Politics II

Environmental Studies


Population and Society

Classical Sociological Thinkers I

Social Movements in India

Environmental Studies

Research Methods I

Research Methods I

Semester 3


International Economics I

Statistical Methods in Economics II

Introduction to Demography

Behavioral Science


Introduction to Literary Criticism

English Novel

Behavioral Sciences

Creative Writing in English

Political Science

Public Administration I

Comparative Government and Politics I

Contemporary Diplomacy

Behavioral Science


Research Methods II

Behavioral Science

Kinship, Marriage and Family

Social Stratification

Semester 4


International Economics (Applied) II

Fundamentals of Research Methodology in Economics

Comparative Economic Development [1850 to 1950]

Economic Environment for Business

Industrial Economics


Modern Drama

Classical Indian Literature in Translation

Introduction to Literary Theory

Introduction to Sociolinguistics

Literature and Secularism

Political Science

Comparative Government and Politics II

Dynamics of Contemporary Global Concerns

General Studies: India and The World

Public Policy and Analysis

Indian Government and Politics I

Psephology and Data Analysis


Political Sociology

Sociology of Change and Development

Sociology of Gender

Urban Sociology

Indian Social Thinkers

Semester 5


Economic Growth Models

Regional Economics

Basics of Health Economics

Fundamentals of Behavioral Economics

Labour Economics

Fundamentals of Environmental Economics


History -an Introduction

Modern English Poetry

American Drama

African Literature

Professional Ethics

Political Science

International Law

Western Political Thought I

India's Foreign Policy I

Indian Political System

Constitution of India


Sociology of Health

Industrial Sociology

Sociology of Aging

Sociology and Law

Globalization and Society

Sociology of Marginalized Communities

Semester 6


Fundamentals of Operation Research

Major Project

Application of Growth Models and Planning

Economic System and Society

Fundamentals of Money and Financial Markets


Modern English Novel

Modern European Drama

American Poetry

Elementary Sociology I


Political Science

India's Foreign Policy II

Modern Government and Politics

Legislative Support and Budget Analysis

Major Project

Western Political Thought II


History an Introduction

Sociology of Religion

Economic Sociology

Environment Sociology

Major Project

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What Our Students Say!


Yes, the online B.A. Course of Amity University is approved by the UGC-DEB.

There are immense career opportunities for a B.A. graduate, as they can apply for the below mentioned job roles:

  • Content Writer
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Research Assistant
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Journalist
  • Editor

You will receive a Bachelor’s Degree from Amity University after successfully completing the online B.A. program.

A degree from Amity University Online is recognized and globally accepted at a national as well as international level and student will not face any problems in case he/she wants to relocate.

Yes, Amity University offers placement through their Virtual Placement Drives, an all-in-one digital platform after every semester.