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Masters of Arts Journalism and Mass Communication (Online MAJMC)

This online MAJMC course is a two-year (4 semesters) postgraduate program that involves theoretical concepts and functional domains in Journalism and Mass Communication. The MAJMC program is designed for those looking their career in the field of media and journalism where technology, language, and culture intersect.

Graduates of MAJM course can pursue job roles such as writers, editors, anchor or media consultants, while some may opt careers as an educators at colleges or universities.

There are several potential benefits to pursuing a MAJM course through their online platform:

MAJM online course of Amity University offer flexibility in terms of when and where you study. This is one of the major advantage for working professionals or individuals with other commitments, as they can often set their own study schedule.

Amity's online MAJM programs make higher education accessible to a wider audience, including individuals who may not have the opportunity to attend classes in person due to location or other reasons.

Online MAJM programs at Amity incorporate interactive elements, such as live webinars, discussion forums, and virtual labs, to enhance the learning experience and promote engagement among students.

Amity University's online MAJM course can help the student to advance their career.

MAJM Online program of Amity often have lower tuition fees as compared to traditional on-campus programs.

Eligibility Criteria of MAJM online Course

· Student must have completed at least 3 years of academic qualification under English medium.

MAJM online Course Fee Structure

Accreditations & Recognitions of AMITY ONLINE

Accreditations and Recognitions of AMITY ONLINE

Program Structure of Online MAJM Course

Semester I

Mass Communication Theory and Practice

Writing Analysis for Print

Visualization and Media Design

Photography Concepts and Practice

Professional communication

Semester II

Marketing Management

Development Communication: Theory and Practice

Media Ethics Laws and Governance

Investigative Journalism

Cognitive Analytics and Social Skills for Professional

Semester III

Media Research and Application

New Media and Digital Technology

Financial Journalism

Basics of Video Editing

Professional Ethics

Semester IV

Digital Marketing

Political Communication

Gender, Human Rights and Media


Media, CSR and Sustainable development

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Yes, the online MAJMC Program of Amity University is approved by the University Grants Commission. This online program is globally recognized and accepted by all the organizations.

Amity University MAJMC program is delivered 100% online. Students can attend live classes on weekends and complete the program remotely.

Yes, learners are provided with internship opportunities in online MAJMC course as it is a mandatory requirement for program completion.

Yes, online MAJMC course of Amity provide placement assistance to their learners upon completion of the programs.

Examinations are conducted online through the Technology Enabled Proctored mode. The weightage is as follows: Internal assignments (30%) and External examination (70%).