Karnataka State Open University

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The Karnataka State Open University - KSOU, Mysore - a pioneer of distance learning in India is a great pleasure to welcome you into the world of the porch here. For an establishment whose very building blocks of universality and openness, which is still open and the world of Universal this site. Karnataka State Open University, the University for Distance Education Council (DEC), New Delhi, regular section of the Travel Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Delhi, a permanent section of the Association of Unversities Nations (ACU), United Kingdom, London, Asia Free University Association (AAOU), China, Beijing and also has links to Community Living (COL).

Founded in Karnataka State Open University (KSOU), 01/06/1996 See Government of Karnataka. 02/12/1996 Communication No. 95-1992 ED UOV KSOU an honorary doctorate from the Open University opened schools in the country. Educational needs of our country as a whole and State in particular policies and programs consistent with the poor.

Karnataka State Open University - KSOU is located in the northwestern corner of the campus Manasagangotri, Mysore station. The region, which is about Five killo meters from the city center, just a perfect environment for learning. The Karnataka State Open Universit is currently an Academic Block, Administrative Office, Guest House Cottages, Girls Hostel, Lecture Halls, a well-equipped Library, B & B offers a limited number of student programs or concert Mysore ongoing contact investigation.

Open Distance Learning (ODL) system is unique and sophisticated forms of learning at university level. This system offers many opportunities for people in need of scientific work or residence permit. This method is known as distance learning. This is perhaps the only way to ever-increasing demand for higher education, particularly in developing countries like India.

Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) is dedicated to the needs of students in conventional and non traditional methods of teaching and learning needs. The study centers, the interaction between students and KSOU people in all aspects of the plan face. The center offers library facilities, weekend counselling and other information. They are students during their visit to the research.


Under Graduation Programmes
Sl. No. Course Duration
1. B.A. 3 Years
2. B.Com 3 Years
3. B.Ed (General) 2 Years
4. B.Ed. (Special Education) 2 Years
5. B.L.I.Sc 1 year
Post Graduation Programmes
Sl. No. Course Duration
01. M.A. Kannada 2 Years
02. M.A. English 2 Years
03. M.A. Hindi 2 Years
04. M.A. Urdu 2 Years
05. M.A. Sanskrit 2 Years
06. M.A. Telugu 2 Years
07. M.A. History 2 Years
08. M.A. Economics 2 Years
09. M.A. Political Science 2 Years
10. M.A. Public Administration 2 Years
11. M.A. Sociology 2 Years
12. M.A. Psychology 2 Years
13. M.A. Mass Communication & Journalism 2 Years
14. M.Com 2 Years
15. M.Ed 2 Years
16. M.B.A (Semester Scheme) 2 Years
17. M.Sc Computer Science (Semester Scheme) 2 Years
18. M.Sc Mathematics (Semester Scheme) 2 Years
19. L.L.M (Semester Scheme) 2 Years
20. M.L.I.Sc 1 year
Research Programmes
Sl. No. Course
01. M.Phill
02. Ph.D
Post Graduate Diploma Programmes
Sl. No. Course Duration
01. P.G. Diploma in English (PGDE) 1 Year
02. P.G. Diploma in Communicative English (PGDCE) 1 Year
03. P.G. Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM) 1 Year
04. P.G. Diploma in Human Resources Management (PGDHRM) 1 Year
05. P.G. Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA) 1 Year
06. P.G. Diploma in Financial Management (PGDFA) 1 Year
07. P.G. Diploma in Mass Communication & Journalism (PGDMCJ) 1 Year
08. P.G. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics (PGDND) 1 Year
Diploma Programmes
Sl. No. Course Duration
01. Post PUC Diploma in Kannada (DIK) 1 Year
02. Diploma ion Journalism (DIJ) 1 Year
03. Diploma in Statistical Process Control & Operations Research (DSPCOR) 1 Year
04. Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) 1 Year
Certificate Programmes
Sl. No. Course Duration
01. Certificate in Kannada (CK) 1 Year
02. Certificate in Environmental Management (CEM) 6 Months
03. Certificate in Environmental Technology (CET) 6 Months
04. Certificate in Solid Waste Management (CSWM) 6 Months
05. Certificate in Panchayat Raj (CPR) 6 Months
06. Certificate in Food Preservation (CFP) 6 Months
07. Certificate in Nutrition and Food (CNF) 6 Months
08. Certificate in Processing and Value Addition to Fruits and Vegetables (CPVFV) 6 Months
(Sl.No. 9-13 : Separate Prospectus will be available at KSOU Office)
09. Certificate in Custom Hiring, Repair & Maintenance of Agricultural Machineries (CCHR & MAM) 6 Months
10. Certificate in Food Processing and Preservation (CFPP) 6 Months
11. Certificate in Seed Production (CSP) 6 Months
12. Certificate in Nursery Management (CNM) 6 Months
13. Certificate in Bio-fertilizers, Organic Manures, Bio-pesticides and bio-agents production (CBFOMBP & BAP) 6 Months
IGNOU Adopted Programmes
Sl. No. Course Duration
01. P.G. Diploma in Higher Education (PGDHE) 1 Year
02. Diploma in Rural Development (DRD) 1 Year
03. Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE) 1 Year
04. Certificate in Teaching of English (CTE) 6 Months


Note : If the admission for any of the above Programmes is less than 20 students, such programmes will not be offered and the fee paid will be refunded to the candidates.